About Me

Around October 2020, I decided to hand make Christmas gifts for my friends and family. As a result of this, I discovered the wondrous and vast world of home fragrance and fell in love with creating beautifully scented products. My interest didn’t stop at Christmas, mainly because I was hooked on how amazing my house smelt daily, but also because I was asked for more from the people I had gifted to!! The curiosity to develop my skills and perfect the craft took over my headspace, my kitchen and then every free corner of my house!! So a year later, after months of melting and pouring, experiments and testing, feedback and tweaking - not to mention a fair few woopsies and waxidents - I was ready to share my craft and Inner Scents was launched in October 2021!

I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy creating them.

Bonnie Bee